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Imagine arriving in a foreign country having fled war, persecution and torture, with no friends or family to turn to, and fearing for your life if you had to return your homeland…

…and what if you then found yourself destitute, with no access to food, no accommodation and no government support?

Open Door North East exists to meet the needs of individuals who are this situation, people who are referred to as ‘living ghosts’

Asylum seekers become destitute for a number of reasons, but primarily as a result of the withdrawal of their Home Office support (finance and accommodation). Even when an individual is refused asylum in the UK the Home Office doesn't always deport them, and therefore many people are left destitute and their only means of support is from organisations like us.



 We provide basic weekly food parcels, accommodation and support to those seeking sanctuary in the UK who have had their government support stopped.

Our clients can’t access mainstream support services (like food banks or homeless hostels) and aren’t allowed to work, so rely on us to meet their basic needs.

“I am very thankful to you for helping me. I am a widow, I am ill, poor and old and you gave me food and a room you really helped me” Safia*, a widow from Pakistan

We are dependent on donations to support our work – and we need to raise £20,000 in 2017 in order to cover the costs of feeding up to 100 destitute people throughout the year.




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