What we do

Open Door North East is a charity providing holistic support for both asylum seekers and refugees living in Teesside (Middlesbrough, Stockton and the surrounding areas). We look to provide crisis support for those left destitute, whilst also providing a number of services to help refugees in rebuilding their lives and creating sustainable livelihoods here in the UK.

Our support to destitute asylum seekers includes the provision of advice, information and guidance, weekly food, housing (both rented accommodation and night shelter provision), language classes and volunteering opportunities. Our support to refugees includes information, advice and guidance, housing and an employment support project centred around a weekly workclub.

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Why is help needed?

Open Door works with two main client groups; asylum seekers who have been made destitute and have no recourse to public funds and; refugees who have been granted permission to remain in the UK and are looking to rebuild their lives in the Teesside area.

Asylum seekers become destitute for a number of reasons, but primarily as a result of the withdrawal of their Home Office support (finance and accommodation). Even when an individual is refused asylum in the UK the Home Office doesn't always deport individuals, and therefore many individuals are left destitute. Asylum seekers are not allowed to work or access mainstream benefits so if their Home Office support is removed their only means of support is often friends or charitable organisations. People in this situation are often referred to as 'Living Ghosts'.

To find out more visit the Still Human Still Here Website or read the report by the British Red Cross - 'Not Gone but Forgotten'

Why do we provide support?

As a Christian Charity, Open Door aims to show the love of God, as expressed through the life of Jesus. The Bible teaches a lot about caring for the poor and showing hospitality to strangers, and Open Door is one expression of this love and compassion. We serve all people regardless of their gender, age, race, religion, culture or lifestyle. 

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Invest in Housing

Open Door provides an excellent opportunities for people who are interested in investing in property that can bring social benefit. Click here to find out more

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